Eye Glasses

Selecting the perfect pair of prescription glasses can be a confusing process. You should begin by answering the following questions:

Will you be wearing your glasses….

  • all the time or just occasionally?
  • at work or when working on a computer?
  • while participating in sports or pursuing hobbies?
  • while driving or while outside?
  • in conjunction with contact lenses?

Once you’ve established how you’ll be using your glasses, you can more accurately choose the style of lens and lens options that best fit your needs.

We evaluate the shape of your face, your complexion and your fashion style and then pick a frame to complement your features.

Whether style, function, durability or your budget is your main concern, we will help you find that perfect frame. Choose from hundreds of frames including popular name brands such as Tommy Bahama, BeBe, Anne Klein, Ted Baker, Lu Lu Guinness, Vera Wang, Vera Bradley, Ray Bans, Burberry, Michael Kors, Cole Haan, and many more.

Lens production has changed drastically over the years. Technology has expanded and greatly increased quality of both lens materials and design in recent years. A customer has more choices than ever before to meet your needs. Because everyone’s needs are different, many different options are necessary. Choosing the right lens is extremely important in providing you with the best vision possible to compliment your lifestyle needs.