Children’s Center

Cornerstone Family Vision believes that children are the seed of the future – and with the right tools they will blossom and the new generation will bring new perspectives, advances and many new options to the world in which we live.

Vision is fundamental during the learning process and facilitates growth during this highly impressionable time. We have an entire area devoted to helping kids look good, feel great about wearing glasses and obtaining the best results from the product.

Proper fitting of eyewear for children is extremely important to their visual acuity. Frames need to fit properly not only for comfort, but also for safety. Children are often very active and need a pair of glasses that accommodates this lifestyle, instead of inhibiting it. We have 23 years of experience with fitting children’s eyewear. All prescriptions are filled with safety polycarbonate lenses for your child’s utmost safety.


****We do not have a separate room for the children due to space. We just have a certain area for children. ****